Our customers about the Winncare products

Are you wondering if Winncare products would meet your expectations? See what the nurses, physical therapists, caregivers and health professionals who use them in their daily work think about them. 

Dom Pomocy Społecznej im. L. i A. Helclów w Krakowie
The Luna ceiling hoist is very helpful in the rehabilitation department. What we used to do on our own, is now done by the Luna. First of all, it relieves the employee during the upright positioning of the patient and helps in the rehabilitation of patients in serious condition. It gives the resident a sense of security and comfort. At this point, we cannot imagine our daily functioning without the Luna ceiling hoist. It has greatly improved our working conditions.
Magdalena Czepiel
Head of the Rehabilitation Department
Centrum Medyczne "BetaMed"
Having tested the Axtair One Plus mattress, we can confirm that the patients lying on it feel more comfortable and their pain is less severe. Morover, the circulation in the areas suffering from pressure ulcers Has been restored, while the overall condition of the skin has improved. The mattress is easy to use by our personnel.
Janina Łowicka
Medical Director
Katowickie Centrum Onkologii
We tested Axtair One® Plus pressure care mattresses. We liked the neat workmanship - durable covers, additional foam and the fabric easy to disinfect. The mattress' chambers are durable and sturdy, while the pump works flawlessly and without any interruption. The mattresses we had bought before, from your competitor, could no longer be used after a year. The covers were damaged and the mattresses themselves could no longer prevent pressure ulcer development.
Intensive care unit. Katowice Oncology Center.
Środowiskowy Dom Samopomocy w Miliczu
In our center, we use the Luna ceiling hoist when moving people from a wheelchair to a rehabilitation mattress, during the exercises performed in the therapeutic room or relaxation classes, and for bathing patients. Thanks to the hoists, the physiotherapist does not need an additional person to help prepare the patient for gait rehabilitation. Thus, he can pay attention exclusively to the patient and his needs. The patient, in turn, feels more reassured and comfortable. The comfort of our work has improved as well, as our employees do not have to carry heavy loads or risk back injuries or wrist pain any more. Today, we can no longer imagine working without the rail system and the ceiling hoists. They make our work with people with multiple disabilities much easier.
Irena Sierpińska
Klient indywidualny, woj. warmińsko-mazurskie
It's just easier and safer with the LUNA ceiling hoist. In recent months, also thanks to your help, we have been able to purchase two ceiling hoistss, for which we would like to thank you very much. We are currently planning to buy another one to be able to equip the house with hoists in strategic places, and thus improve my mother's functioning and help my dad and other people who assist them in everyday activities.The company representative and the technical staff are able to advise as much as possible.
Teresa Pachucka
Individual customer