Medical bedX’Prim 3®

The X’PRIM Bed has been designed according to the ergofix principle, that is a patented assembly and dismantling system. The X’PRIM can be easily assembled and dismantled by one person.

Easy, ergonomic assembly and dismantling of the bed base as well as the eease of use were the priorities of the bed’s designers.

Meet the medical bedX’Prim 3®

Easy to use, comfortable for the patient

X’PRIM 3® bed has a number of functions which facilitate the care for the patient and improve his comfort. Back and leg rests can be assembled and dismantled without tools. The back rest can be reclined by 75 degrees, while the leg rest can be adjusted electrically. The back rest posesses also an auto-regression electric CPR function which allows for quick resuscitation of the patient if need be.

X’Prim 3®Key benefits

Available options and accessories

  • Auto-regression electric CPR function
  • Auto-regression back rest
  • Electric leg rest
  • Centralized braking
  • Wall bumper
  • Infrared remote control

Files to download

Technical data

Maximum patient weight
170 kg
90×200 cm