Visco elastic foam mattress

Alova®with integrated heel relief

Helps preventing pressure ulcers for patients at medium to high risk of pressure ulcer development who are bedridden more than 15 hours a day. 

Visco elastic foam increases patient comfort.

Meet the visco elastic foam mattressALOVA® with integrated heel relief

Single-piece mattress with different hardnesses made up of:

  • 6 cm molded visco elastic foam mattress top layer: density ≥ 75 Kg/m3
  • 8 cm polyether foam base: density 18 Kg/m3 (VMA62), 28 Kg/m3 (VMA63) and ≥ 34 Kg/m3 (VMA64)

Integrated heel relief to enhance blood circulation.

ALOVA® with integrated heel reliefKey benefits

Techncal data

Maximum patient weight
180 kg
195×88×14 cm
from 14 to 16 kg

Files to download

Covers available

  • ALOVA® Dermalon (PVC) for patients from 20 to 120 kg
  • ALOVA® Promust PU for patients from 20 to 150 kg
  • ALOVA® Promust PU HD for patients from 20 to 180 kg
  • ALOVA® Promust CIC for patients from 20 to 180 kg