Discover the accessories for Luna ceiling hoists, ensuring even greater comfort of use and safety of patients and caregivers.

Trolley for the transfer of the LUNA motor

LUNA motor craddle

  • An extension arm assuring easy transfer of the Luna unit to and from the trolley
  • The arm has 3 lengths
  • A docking station with a charger
  • Holder for LUNA strap, slings and accessories

Technical DATA

950 mm
492 mm
370 mm



IPx7 cable

Safe and infallible, water-resistant cable is used to steer the LUNA motor.

Hand control

The ergonomic hand control ensures a secure and quick transfer of the patient. The ergonomic hand control comes in two water-resistant options. IPx4, which can be splashed with water, and IPx7, which can be immersed in water.


Luna charger can be mounted on any type of wall. This ensures a pernament and stable docking station. It can also be mounted on other types of equipment, such as Luna trolley or Mobile Flex.


Powered Turntable - four way transfers in one system, powered by Luna

Winncare’s new powered turntable is the ideal
solution for changing direction in a track inter-section.
Powered by the Luna ceiling hoist means no
need for seperate power supply.