Stand AidStellar 170

Stellar has been developed to move users, who can assist to some extent in a sit-to-stand transfer.

The Stellar 170 stand aid’s lifting and lowering pattern is more natural, which makes it a perfect aid in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Stand AidStellar 170

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pionizacja pacjenta

Stellar is a compact stand aid whose supreme functionality makes it a perfect choice for home and institutional care.

Its relatively small frame, lifting capacity of up to 175 kg, and guaranteed safety of the patient are its key features. Electrical leg adjustment with a maximum width of 920mm can be used with both wide chairs and wheel chairs.

Innovative solutions to increase comfort.

Unique, patented spreader bar always ensures safe and simple sling attachment. Comfortable knee support of adjustable height and angle provides additional support to every patient. 

Key benefitsStellar 170

Main features

  • Compact, with a small turning radius.
  • Electrical leg adjustment.
  • Manual emergency lowering and emergency stop.

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Technical data

Lifting capacity
170 kg
Lifting method
Leg spreading method
Emergency lowering
Emergency stop
Turning radius
1060 mm
51,6 kg
Battery cpacity
60-80 lifts (80 kg, 0,5m)