ALOVA™ CONTOURED CUSHION has been designed for patients at medium to high risk of pressure ulcer development.

The cushion is made of viscoelastic foam, which improves pressure distribution in order to reduce its force. It tilts the body position slightly forward to reduce the risk of slipping forward off the cushion. It comes with an inner cover with a non-slip base to ensure that the cushion stay in place.


Alova™ Cushionwith the coccyx cut-out

The coccyx cut-out reduces the risk of pressure ulcer development in the coccyx nd ischial areas. It is equipped with an external rotator.

Alova™ Cushionwith the pelvic wedge

The pelvic wedge on the cushion is approximately 8 cm high and has been designed to reduce the tendency to slip forward.

Alova™ CushionKey benefits

Technical data

Maximum patient weight
200 kg
between 36 and 50 cm

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Additional information

  • At least 6 cm thick.
  • 16 sizes and 3 thicknesses.
  • Patient weight: up to 200 kg, depanding on the model.