Gait trainingErgo Trainer

The Ergo Trainer is used for the body-weight-supported exercise, providing individual rehabilitation adjusted to patient’s needs. It is especially efficient when it comes to the rehabilitation of gait and motor function improvement.

“Without a system in place partially relieveing the patient of his body weight, it is difficult to rehabilitate patientents with partial mobility impairments. Their fear of falling makes it impossible for them to train in an efficient and continuous manner.” Jørgen Jørgensen,  The Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury, University of Copenhagen

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Meet thegait trainingErgo Trainer

urządzenie do ćwiczeń w odciążeniu Ergo Trainer Winncare rehabilitacja chodu

Body-weight-supported training (BWST)

ERGO TRAINER was designed to be used with used with a comprehensive range of walking harnesses and slings to ensure balanced support for the patient’s body weight throughout the training session. It was approved for the patients weighing up to 200 kg. ERGO TRAINER relieve up to 85 kg of the patient’s body weight, depending on the patient’s needs. The statistical data provided by the  Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury of the University of Copenhagen demonstrate that the body-weight-supported training (BWST) decreases, and sometimes, eliminates the necessity of using walking aids or crutches for the patient.

Efficient exercise

When used in conjunction with a treadmill it is possible for patients with impaired walking ability to train the correct physiological gait. Documented results show that a progressive training regime of repetition of movement combined with controlled speed and elevation adjustment of the treadmill, are key factors to successful and lasting patient rehabilitation.

urządzenie do ćwiczeń w odciążeniu Ergo Trainer Winncare rehabilitacja chodu


Key features

  • Integrated charger in the control panel.
  • Security feature turning the machine off if the maximum load has been reached.
  • Easily readible icons on the hand control.
  • Magnetic hand control, which can be attached anywhere to the metal frame of the trainer, with a long power cord for comfortable use.
  • Emergency switch off button on the control panel.
  • 2 independent emergency lowering systems.
  • Battery charge level indicator.

Files to download

Technical date

Maximum lifting capacity
200 kg
Equipent weight
72 kg
Weight relief
85 kg
steel, aluminium, plastic
Harness suspension belt length
2880 mm
390 x 1318 x 336 mm
V (power supply )
230 V
Energy use
350 W
Noise level
max. 60 dB