Slings and spreader barSpreader bars

WINNCARE offers a wide array of spreader bar models. They come in various sizes to meet the needs of different transfer situations.
All our spreader bars have been equipped with patented sling hooks.

Meet theSpreader bars

2-point spreader bar

It is the most suitable for the standard transfer of a patient with normal posture. It is available in 3 sizes.

For heavier patients, a unique, v-shaped, 3-point spreader bar is going to be more appropriate.

It widens the space between the arm straps and the legstraps, opening the sling for a morecomfortable transport. Lighter patients can also profit from the benefits of the 3-point spreader bar.

Bariatric patient transfer

The transfer of bariatric patients requires a 4-point spreader bar. combined with an appropriate size of the sling, it ensures adequat support and comfort of transfer.

Spreader barsKey benefits

Additional benefits

  • Enable standard and bariatric lifiting.
  • Various sizes to suit various sling sizes corresponding to the needs of patients.
  • Patented sling hook technology.

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Technical data

360 / 480 / 580 mm
38 mm