Alternating pressure air mattressAxtair Automorpho® Plus

The Axtair Automorpho Plus helps in preventing pressure ulcers for patients at a medium to high risk of pressure ulcer development, bedridden more than 15 hours a day. Help in treating existing pressure ulcers from stage 1 to 4.

Alternating pressure air mattress with a CPR emergency valve, composed of 18 cells 12 cm high of therapeutic air. 2 static air cells fitted with a comfort pllow in the head zone and 4 specially designed heel cells in the heel zone ensure maximum pressure relief.

Meet the alternating pressure air mattressAxtair Automorpho® Plus

Alternating pressure air mattress

  • 18 removable and independent Polyurethane Ether cells of 12 cm therapeutic air. 
  • Head zone: 2 static air cells fitted with a comfort pillow. 
  • Heel zone: 4 specially designed heel cells to ensure maximum pressure relief.
  • 5 cm polyether foam base located in an independent compartment.
  • CPR emergency valve.
  • Transport mode providing 8 hours of autonomy.
  • Optional cable protection sleeve.

Covers available

Upper side: stretchable, breathable, impermeable to liquids, but permeable to vapour. 

Bottom side: non-slip base.

2 covers available:

  • PROMUST PU HD (black cover)
  • PROMUST CIC COVER (blue cover) polyamide mesh coated polyurethane/polycarbonate with added silver ions fitted with a non-slip base.

Axtair Automorpho® PlusKey benefits


  • The patented system of automatic and continuous pressure calculation according to patient’s morphology.
  • 3 modes: dynamic, static low pressure, nurse.
  • Comfort control setting whatever the mode used or the patient’s position to allow optimum comfort without compromising on therapeutic performance.
  • Visual and audible alarms.
  • Rear serial number, quick user manual and QR code on the side of the pump.