Mobile liftHelios 150

Is a compact mobile lift perfect for homecare and institutional use.

It is light-weight and can be easily dismantled into two parts with no additional tools. 

Meet the mobile liftHelios 150

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Helios 150 is also easy to move around

Helios 150 is also easy to move around as the user’s weight is being positioned over the low friction castors for ergonomic and secure patient transfer. It is powered by a capacious battery ensuring multiple lifts.

Helios 150 is compact

Its legs can be spread both electrically and manually, which make it adjustable to many types of locations.

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Helios 150



  • Helios 150 allows for comfortable patient lifting
  • Its low-friction castors enable short transfers

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Technical data

Max. load
150 kg
Lifting interval, min/max
421 / 1647 mm
Width external, base min/max
610 / 956 mm
Width internal, base min/max
390 / 510 mm
Chassis height front/back
107 / 150 mm
Length of legs
1060 mm
Lifting method
Leg spreading method
Turning radius
1300 mm
Castor diameter front/back
Total weight
33,5 kg
Weight: heaviest single part
18 kg